Destination Truth’s Josh Gates – Global Pulse

Destination Truth's Josh Gates. Photo copyright of The Syfy Channel

Destination Truth's Josh Gates. Photo copyright of The Syfy Channel

World traveler and intrepid explorer Josh Gates returns to host all-new quests in season three of Destination Truth, which returns to The Syfy Channel on September 9th @ 1o p.m. EST/9 p.m. CT. Each episode is an off-the-map adventure in search of the answers to some of the world’s most intriguing unexplained mysteries. This season, Josh will travel to some of the most extreme locations on Earth, including the isolated Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, and the heart of the world’s worst nuclear accident at Chernobyl. Viewers will also ride along on unprecedented investigations, including the world’s first overnight exploration of King Tut’s cursed tomb and pitch-black dives in ancient Caribbean caves.

Explorer, adventure and photographer Josh Gates hails from the small town of Manchester-by-the-Sea, Massachusetts. A graduate of Boston’s renowned Tufts University, Josh holds degrees in archaeology and drama. His work and travels have taken him to more than 75 countries around the world. An avid scuba diver, he has participated in sub-sea archaeological excavations in the Mediterranean, and his work as a photographer has taken him from sweltering African villages to the icy heights of the Himalayas. In addition, he has scaled “the roof of Africa” on Mt. Kilimanjaro, climbed Aconcagua, the tallest mountain in the Americas, and set foot in more than 75 countries around the world. Josh holds degrees from Tufts University in archaeology and drama, and was recently inducted into The Explorers Club, a prestigious global organization dedicated to the advancement of exploration and field research.

At the end of August, myself and a group of fellow journalists had the pleasure of speaking with Josh Gates about his work on Destination Truth and his around the world adventures. An edited version of that Q & A session follows. 

I was wondering if I could get a layman’s definition of cryptozoology from you? Also in the UK, the show is called Monster Hunter; what do you think about the name Destination Truth compared to that?

JOSH GATES – I think a layman’s definition of cryptozoology is the study of or search for unknown creatures, and actually, in some ways, I think that Destination Truth has over time served the show better as a title because we don’t just do monsters anymore. When we started the show it was really about being a program that could complement Ghost Hunters and that would go out and look for more creatures or more biological-based stories. Over time, though, we’ve realized that the real heartbeat of the show is that at its core, it’s a real travel adventure. We’ve found that there are great stories other than creatures, including the paranormal, curses and things of that nature that definitely fit the mold for our show.

Can you give us a preview of some of the things that you’re going to be looking at or going after in season three?

JG – Absolutely. We sat down at the end of season two and asked ourselves, ‘What can we do to raise the bar from the season season,’ which was quite successful and covered a lot of really interesting places in the world. We came up with some fascinating stories, so we’re going to do the world’s first overnight paranormal investigation in King Tut’s tomb in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt. We’ll also be doing our first U.S. investigations. We have a great story out in the frontiers of Alaska, and also in the swamps of Florida. So we’ll be kind of bookending the U.S. and doing two stories here. We also spend an entire night investigating the ruins of Chernobyl in the Ukraine, which is really a sort of high-stakes episode. And we have an extraterrestrial episode in the deserts of Chile. We’re going to be doing some stuff in the Amazon, and we’ll be spending part of the season in South America as well. Then we’ll be returning to a story on Bigfoot or Sasquatch, which we’ve always tried to do season after season. We’re going to be continuing our Yeti story from season two, which was in Nepal, by doing a one-hour special in the Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, which was a great episode and a really beautiful country for us to showcase. So it’s going to be an exciting season and we’re looking forward to it.

How do you come up with your ideas for the various investigations, and once you have an idea, what is the process for going after it?

JG – We have a couple of different thresholds that we try to meet for the stories, the first and most important of which is we want to look for stories that people are having some sort of current encounter with. We want to talk with people that have had a recent experience. There are great stories all over the world that are folkloric and mythological that aren’t really topical anymore. We also want to talk with people who are having a genuine and authentic experience because that’s a mystery, right? If you can find credible people that have been shaken up by something, whether or not there’s a monster present or whether it’s a mistaken identity involving some sort of known animal, you have a mystery on your hands. That’s really what we want to do, which is travel to places where we can get our hands dirty and roll up our sleeves and try to investigate these really interesting stories. Once we have a story that meets that criteria, we want it to be someplace exotic, and those two things often go hand in hand, you know? We want to take our viewers to parts of the world that they don’t get a chance to see every day. We have primarily stayed out of very industrialized nations, including Western Europe as well as America, and tried to go to locales that are, for lack of a better term, off the grid. Places like Bhutan, where most people just have never had a chance to see. So if we can meet those two criteria, find a great story with great eyewitnesses in a really interesting place, then it’s more than likely we’ll be buying a plane ticket.

What sort of production challanges did you guys face in Season Three, and was there an episode that was especially difficult and/or challenging to have pulled off?

JG – The thing about Destination Truth is that it’s a pretty lean, mean machine. We travel with a very small crew, and that’s really by design because we want those who are watching the show to feel like they’re on a real adventure and that they’re riding shotgun on something that’s a little bit crazy and not completely smoothed out and designed. So there are always production challenges because we try not to over-fix each of our stories. This year, however, I think we put ourselves in harm’s way more than a few times. I think the Chernobyl story is a great example of that. We actually pitched that internally as a joke almost at first. We said, wouldn’t it be amazing if we could go to Chernobyl. There’s a whole ruined city that sits right in the shadow of the reactor there that has been abandoned for, you know, 30 years and that is still very radioactive. Then we started wondering if this could be done; could you actually go there and spend a night? So we talked to the government in the Ukraine as well as producers there and we realized that if we could meet certain production challenges and keep people from being exposed to radiation, then we could do something that really hadn’t been done before and have free reign to wander around a totally abandoned city. Not only was it a question of how do you keep a crew from being exposed to radiation, but also your cameras, microphones, battery packs, pens, paper, everything else. How do you bring those things into a place like that and then bring them back out safely? That’s something we’d never tried to do before, obviously. There are very few places in the world that you can attempt such a thing, so that was a great production challenge. I think the same was certainly true with places like Bhutan. It’s a very traditional country that has sort of staved off the modern world. So to bring a television production in there and interact with a very traditional Buddhist culture was a real challenge. But I think that’s part of the fun of this show because you get to see me and my team come up against cultural roadblocks as well as production roadblocks. And I think that no place more than Chernobyl did we all sort of feel, who gets to come here and do this? Even though it’s a scary place, it’s one of those places where you think, wow, this really is an amazing opportunity.

Where does your love of exploration stem from?

JG – I think it came from a couple of different places. My father,who’s retired now, spent his career working overseas for the most part as a commercial diver, so I grew up in a family where my dad was always coming back from someplace really exotic and bringing presents from the other side of the world. So from an early age that led me to feel like, wow, there’s a lot of stuff out there that I haven’t seen. I was also a movie nut as a kid and fixated on Indiana Jones and things like that. My imagination, therefore, kind of got the better of me at an early age and I decided that this is something I wanted to do, and the more I traveled, the more I realized that I just had a real love for it. So to be able to work on a show that lets me not just travel, but travel to some really unique places, has been a dream come true. It’s been great.

What has been the scariest occurrence to date for you on the program?

JG – Well, there are two different types of scary occurrences on the show. There’s the one where you’re looking for a particular creature or phenomena and you start to think, “Wait a minute, maybe this thing is here.” Then there’s the scary occurrence where you’re doing something sort of physically perilous. And both of those things happen on the show. This year, we had a very close call while flying in a very old plane that we chartered in Romania to try to do some aerial photography. There are a lot of old jeeps, plans, boats, etc., on the show because the places we go to have a lot of well-used equipment. So that’s a great example of a scary situation, and certainly a moment where I thought that we were maybe filming our final episode. Sometimes, though, what’s really scary on the show is whether or not you think that there’s some sort of unknown creature lurking in the jungles in the Amazon or wherever we happen to be. So we’re always very mindful of, you know, what if a tiger comes out of the jungle right now? What if an anaconda shows up right now? We’ve had a couple of snakes as well as spiders and other animals show up while we’ve been filming, and I think we’ve been really lucky to capture some of those things on film and not have any real incidents with them.

Have you and/or your crew experienced any type of hex or curse that has followed you throughout an episode?

JG – We spent a night alone investigating King Tut’s tomb, which is supposed to be cursed. Originally, this was going to be  our season premiere, but we moved it – it’s actually our third episode – and instead, we put a story about a haunted forest in Romania in our first episode. The reason for that is that one of crewmembers, our cameraman Evan, had a very scary experience that is captured on film. Evan is one of these guys who’s a road warrior.  He has shot tons of reality shows and is a real pragmatic, down-to-Earth guy. Evan got pretty shaken up by something unseen in this forest, and it’s a really compelling moment where the experience he had physically knocked him around. So it does happen on the show, and there are plenty of times when we go out at night to do these investigations and scatter in order to try to cover as much ground as possible. It’s that classic horror film set-up, right, where we all go in our separate directions and it seems like, inevitably, when someone ends up alone or with just one other person in a very remote area, sometimes scary stuff happens.

Have you ever gone someplace on an investigation and afterwards thought the place was so cool that you went back on your own just to explore?

JG – Absolutely, and there are plenty of places that I’m waiting to go back to. I’m a real frequent flyer nut in that I horde my collection of frequent flyer miles because I’m always looking to use them and go back to some of the places we’ve gone. We did an episode in season two in Cambodia and also an episode in Thailand, and I’ve since gone back there a few times just because I really fell in love with Southeast Asia. That was a part of the world that kind of just spoke to me, and I thought I’ve got to go back there and just bum around a little bit. I mean, if there’s a downside to the show, and I’m certainly not complaining, is that sometimes we don’t get a chance to take in some of the tourist sites or some of the major sites that most people traveling to these places would normally go see. A great example of that is that last season we did an episode in Zambia, and the only reason anyone really goes there is because of this massive waterfall, Livingston Falls. We were within a half-hour of it by car and our schedule just didn’t permit us a chance to visit it. So that’s one of those times when you think, ‘Oh, God, I was so close and when am I going to be in Zambia again.’ But there have been plenty of places that I just can’t wait to go back to, Bhutan among them. I could spend a month just backpacking around there.

On the flip side, did you ever visit a place and discovered something there that you felt might be worth doing an episode?

JG – I don’t know if that’s happened, but we had a unique experience this year which has never happened to us before. We went to Northern Chile to film an episode and we passed through this ghost town/old mining town that was really in the middle of nowhere. It was just meant to be a pit-stop, but it looked so terrifying that as soon as we got out of the car we knew we had a whole episode right there. We actually filmed a little bit and then saved the footage because we want to go back and shoot an entire episode there.

Egypt is sort of traditionally a nightmare to film in; what kind of issues did you have shooting there?

JG – Well, you know, it has a reputation as being a very hard place to film in. In fact, Ghost Hunters International had filmed there, or gone to film there, and hit some real snafus. With a lot of countries, and Egypt is certainly a prime example of this, it’s kind of who you know on the inside. And all these types of episodes depend largely on local producers which we call fixers. We had been recommended a guy in Egypt who another production company had said, “Don’t look any further, this is the guy you want.” So we got him on the phone and he’s this really young guy, something like 22 years old, and his father is a very famous fixer in Egypt that has been fixing there since the 60’s. This young man had sort of apprenticed his dad and is just dialed into everything. We talked to him a few times and he seemed to either be putting on a good show or he seemed to really know how to grease all the right wheels and make everything word. True to his word we went to Egypt and filmed two different locations, one in a village called Armant, which is near the Nile down by Luxor and, of course, the Valley of the Kings which is roughly in the same area. It was just effortless, and this guy really got everything working for us. And it’s amazing in that a number of the roadblocks to filming in countries like this are things that are difficult to smooth out from over here, and you really need someone who knows the local politics as well as the local economy and the local government along with certain military things. You just need someone who understands the whole mechanism, and this guy was just terrific. So we managed to get in and out of Egypt without a problem. India has always been a place that we’ve wanted to go and it’s another country with a very dodgy reputation for film. It’s just a lot of red tape. So we’ve kept India off the list, but I’m sure at some point we’ll try to tackle that, too.

You have a new team this season, so what kind of preparation do you do with your newbies?

JG – Well, we give them all this scary speech about how it’s going to be really hard and that you’re going to be sleeping on floors as well as eating bugs and all that kind of stuff. We’ve had people work on the show who have really thrived in those types of environments, and we’ve had people who got out there and realized, “Wow, this is going to be a challenge that I’m going to have to rise to because this is not what I thought it was.” We’ve had people who have worked on shows like Amazing Race and Survivor and they find the experience of working on Destination Truth to be a lot more difficult. The thing is, on those big shows you typically put in your eight-hour shift and you’re done. Destination Truth is, by its very nature, a show where we’re filming getting up and going to breakfast. We film stopping at gas stations, or we’ll go out at night and stay up all night looking for a creature or a phenomena. It’s really a 24-hour a day job, so I think the first thing we do is try to tell everybody that that’s what it is. You have to be the kind of person who genuinely wants to go and have a real around the clock adventure. A big part of that speech as well is that it’s really about a team. There are only about eight of us out there, so everybody is a really important gear in the machine, and we try very hard to get the right people in order that all those pieces fit together properly.

Is it important to you to kind of balance out the comedy with the more darker elements of the show?

JG – By nature what I really love about Destination Truth is the rough-shot travel, and rough-shot travel always ends up being kind of funny, right? So that’s the part of the show that I find pulses the best for me, and I’m always fighting to get as much of that into the show as possible because I think people really respond to it. It’s pacy and it’s part of the show where you get to see a lot of the people from these different countries and experience a bit of their culture. And the investigations are where the show obviously gets very dramatic and tense, but I try to strike as much of a balance as I can between the two in each episode. If you look at any great adventure and if you’ve ever taken a trip, it usually doesn’t look like the travel brochure. It’s full of mishaps and the unexpected, so that’s a big part of what we try to get into the show, and I think that makes it authentically a real travel adventure program.

Is there a mystery that you haven’t investigated yet but would really like to?

JG – For me, it’s often about locations. When I look at the globe, the place I’m most drawn to is Southeast Asia and I’m intrigued by a lot of the small Pacific Island nations. They’re really hard to get into the show because some of them are very difficult to get to and build into a route. There are a number of great stories in the Pacific, from Polynesian curses to cursed or haunted island and shipwrecks. All these amazing things are floating in the middle of nowhere and are hard to get to. So I certainly would love to figure out a way to maybe do a season where we take the show on a boat and we go around the Pacific or something.

Can you give us a visual of the qualifications for an ideal Destination Truth crew member?

JG – We want people who are truly interested in travel. We’ve had individuals on the show who have been to the four corners of the world, and others, like our new medic this year, Rex, who was very poorly traveled. He’d been to, I think, Canada once or twice, or Cancun, but I don’t think he’d ever been outside of North America. So it’s not a prerequisite that to work on the show you have to be an international traveler. What we’re really looking for are people who are hardy enough to get through a two or three month shoot and stuck with it. Not to overstate it, but it is hard and the chips are definitely down sometimes out there. Some of these investigations are long cold days of trekking up into the mountains and lugging a bunch of gear in bad weather. We want people who are OK with that and are excited about that. The worst thing that can happen on our show is for somebody to, as we always put it, turn a corner. You never want someone to kind of say that this is too hard or difficult, because it’s tough to pull them back from that. We need people who are cheerleaders, too, for each other, and who are really good at what we do. We have this great director of photography this year, Evan Stone, who has a great visual style and he’s brought a lot of neat little tricks and gizmos to the show and has found interesting ways of filming in very difficult environments. We have another cameraman who has been with us for a few seasons, Gabe Copeland, who will do anything to get the shot. He will jump on top of cars, hang out of a tree, anything. We love Gabe because he’s a guy who will not quit until he can bring the show to the people who are watching it. And what’s really interesting, especially from a fan perspective, is that Rex, who I mentioned earlier, was actually a fan of the show. He came in to interview for it because that’s a difficult position for us to fill; we need someone who is a certified paramedic and who has had experience providing care in really rough environments. We brought Rex in for an interview and he was just beside himself because he had watched and loved the show. He told his girlfriend that he was going to come in for an interview and she thought he was lying. So we offered him the job, and for the first half of the season he just kept shaking his head because he couldn’t believe he was out there helping make the show. That’s a great example of how we really have been able to integrate someone who watches the show and put them on it.

As noted above, photo copyright of The Syfy Channel, so please no unauthorized copying or duplicating of any kind. Thanks!

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  1. kelvin Says:

    guys. im from singapore and i now how to communicate these whatever you say ghosts or pontianaks or orang pendek, orang minyak and other places of scary places in singapore but not malaysia. but i noe how to actuaLLY converse with these ghosts… feel free to drop me a mail. btw you guys from destination truth should try either the red house in pasir ris. which i can converse with them which i did try and the old changi hospital which tonnes of plp were dead there during world war 2 and also the worst place…. alexandra hospital basements and labrador park. im glad to help u and also give you details of these things.

  2. victoria risner Says:

    Dear Josh Gates, my name is victoria ashley risner i am 10 years old and i love your mysteries that you try to debunk your crew is awsome my most favorite show is king tut and so much more! i am looking forward to your knew investigations

  3. mike lombardi Says:

    I was watching the show when you went to egypt. You had a picture of a pillar of white light. I have pictures of the same thing. And ive had an expereince with the pillar of white light. It came out of the rocks in my fire place. It first look like a ball of smoke then when my friend cathy saw it she said oh my god. It took form of the pillar of light and glowed. Before everyone could look up at it It did a small loop went through my friend carol then went through cathy. Did two big loops around the room and then went into my face. It went so fast that everyone saw it as a flash of light. And im talking ten people saw this. but for some reason i saw it in slow motion. two weeks later i had a holloween party and a friend took a picture of me in my costume and next to me is the pillar of white light. My friend carol went to a docter after it went through her chest cause she had a bruise on her. when they took an exray the bruise went all the way through her and was on her back to. The doc told her that only a bolt of lighting could do something like that. And now she has a scar of two doves on her chest. And ever since it went into my face ive been having visions of the future. I have other pictures of it but thats a nother story. I can help you with knowing what it is.

  4. Jim Says:

    I may have some insite into a possible explanation for the animal you encountered in the sugar-cane fields in Egypt. I am a Operation Iraqi Freedom combat vet. I am also a Police Officer with over 18 years experience to include criminal investigation. While conducting night time operations in Iraq, several of my team members observed animals similar to the claims of the locals you interviewed in Egypt. We determined that the animals we were seeing through nods and infra red were striped hyenas. I observed one walk by me at night so close that I heard it breathing. We were always in situations where we could not take a photo due to the risk of being compromised. We always encountered feral dogs but these animals were different, in shape, size and gaite. We never heard stories from any local civilians regarding attacks and the animals appeared wary and shy. I think they scavanged through the abundance of trash for food.

  5. Morgan Says:

    Hey Josh. I love the show. If you ever need any help with any investigations just e-mail me.

  6. Ian Says:

    Hi Josh, i’m a huge fan of the show & i never miss a episode. Just as a suggestion, could you consider investigating these cryptids in the near future?

    Cadborosaurus “Caddy” – sea serpent thought to be living in cadboro bay, British Columbia
    Nessie, the Loch Ness Monster
    Monkey man of New Delhi

  7. Eric Watson Says:

    Josh !!! Your not going to believe this, I had a close encounter with a Sasqwatch years ago on my property ! it has put me on a life long quest to get proof of his exsistance I just got back from Washinton State in ground zero for his sightings we hiked to the locations at mt St helens we found a lock of hair EXACTLY like yours ! we put it in a evidence bag, when I saw that yours came back as a large primate I was stunned ! as I was thinking mine was maybe a moose but its not its does not match but yours is just like mine semi course same color same exact size and under 1600 power it is hair ! so deep it could not be human it was over large scat also which made me look around there we found it ! this will match yours in DNA I would bet on it ! contact me I will send you half of the sample pics first if you prefer ! God Speed Man ! love your show
    Eric Watson

  8. Eric Watson Says:

    Josh did you ever actually encounter anyone living in the city of Chernobyl when you went on season 3 ? as in living with the radiation in one of the homes or ???

    Also do you know there is a better substance then plaster for making casts I have the name of it if you need it, its only about $10 a 2 lb box and it is far better for picking up minute details and hardens faster and stronger , ..


  9. Joshua Pollina Says:

    hey josh my name is josh and iam 15 years old me and my dad watchs ur show all the time and i love ur show it is amazing well anyway a wanted to ask u if u could send 1 of those leather bracelets u wear on ur show to my house so i can give it to my father. my dad has always been looking for 1 but he has been distracted by going to iraq and what not. so plz email me!!! 🙂 my dad would really be thankful.

  10. Sharrick Says:

    This is just a tip for when you are all in the bush or jungle somewhere. If and when people get lost, it is very hard to hear some one yelling but if you all had a whistle on a string, hung around your neck and blow on it. The sound of the whistle will be heard well before someones voice yelling in the night. It is also much easier to pin point the direction it’s coming from. (They don’t cost that much…lol)

  11. DAR Says:

    Hi Josh I would be very interested in meeting and chatting with you. in fact I know of a animal that still has not been categorized by science and is the worlds smallest carnivore, smaller then mustela nivalis.
    I have been fascinated by this subject for decades because of witnessing this animal I am about to be describing to you. As a young boy I witnessed a small weasel like animal and still to this date not being able to match it to any known mustella species and I have written some smaller articles on cryptozoology and fish species as well.
    I actualy captured this animal and could not get any authority to come and look at it he was inside a old cardboard box that i caught him with the old box& string trick.
    I tried to grab it and it escaped and it scratched myself and a friend of mine trying to catch it under the box. They look exactly like mustel nivalis or a ermine, however they are always black instead of tan or white and never change color be it fall or summer winter and are about half the size to 3/4 the size of mustela nivalis species.
    It is possible that it is a strange morph that only occurs in the region i live in and makes them smaller and always black. However it seems to me more likely a sub species or maybe a totally different new mustela species. Considering it is always black and much smaller seems a major difference enough to give it maybe it’s own classification .
    If you are interested not only can I show you were this animal lives I am sure we could catch it easy enough with small fish bait and a weasel trap.
    I never bothered trying to catch the animal again however I have witnessed it since. The last time was around 2000 however i have seen its small footprints and I am sure it still exists. There was a photo taken of it by me when it came out to sniff around at the bait we used to entice it out of a hole underneath a large bolder.
    I lent it to a animal inspector who then gave it to a scientist in the museam who then passed it to some other scientest who then was going to investigate it further. That was over 20 years ago lol
    I have never seen the photo again and I have tried from time to time in my odd spare time to get the photo back with no luck yet.
    I may possibly still have the negative I am not the worlds greatest organizer. However i assure you it exists and i am also a expert at freshwater fish and I know the lakes in Canada and the US that have reports of lake monsters and I know except in a few cases what they are and i think I can prove this.
    If you are interested please email me for I would love to chat with you.
    You may wonder why I never bothered trying to catch it again with all the hassle trying to prove it and chasing photos I gave up on the government red tape and personally felt the animal was safer not being known. Now though some of the habitat is going and it may go extinct unless proved.

  12. Anthony Delacruz Says:

    Yo Josh warrup man 😀 its Anthony, I LOVE UR SHOWS, but my favorite one is the DOLL ISLAND one, its also the first episode I saw, yo I LOVE THE DOLL THAT OPENED its EYE. VERY VERY GOOD….

    btw 1 question

    Ive been watching DT S3 for a while now and then days ago I saw DT S2 or 1 I dont know… I never seen Mike, Jael, and d others since then and you had a new opening so its obvious that it isnt Season3…

    so is ur show done??? are u just gonna show replays or u just getting more time for Season 4???

    TC !!!

  13. ignacio p Says:

    Dear josh

    I was hunting up out of paskanta california on 2005 also went camping with friends and on snake rigde about 11 miles in to it and rounding a corner I seen somthing that most people say dosent live I saw it with then 6 yards of me. And saw it as clear as day light,big foot this creature dose live.these things will defind them some help cover your sent and get to a high place and glass the land tourds the canyon creeks I will send u pics soon.

  14. Tracey Says:

    Hey josh!!!!
    obbesses with your show ive seen alot S3 but not alot of S1 and S2 but S1 is on dvd so im saving up. i join tweeter just to b one of your followers. i have a question 4 u how you ever been to Canada to invistagate.if you dont know which person i am on tweeter its Buddy9797

  15. Martha Says:


    I would like to suggest you investigate the Jersey Devil starting where it all began at the Leeds Family old property in the state of New Jersey. I think with you and your crew investigating it would make a great show.

    A true fan of the show,

  16. Josh Says:

    Haha i came on here to post that they should investigate the jersey devil…I live near jersey and have heard lots about it and it would be cool if they investigated it hopefully they consider it and good luck on the new season looking forward to it…

    true fan.

  17. Fred Says:

    Loved your season 3 premiere. The Masada segment was amazing. The thought that you may have captured infrared of the spirit of someone from so long ago with such historical significance is amazing.

    One quick question: Is Jael off the show? Was it time to swap out the designated “hot” sidekick explorer? (tongue in cheek joke). Seriously, is she off the show?

    Good luck. I am a dedicated viewer and hate when the show is on hiatus.


    Fred Schnitzer

  18. KIM ANDERSON Says:

    Josh, I LOVE DESTINATION TRUTH!!! I think you and your crew have the most exciting and extreme job. I have had the privilege in my life to have experienced some weird things. I love your dedication to help find out the TRUTH! Stay real & Stay safe. KIM

  19. Joshua Lowery Says:

    I just want him to email me.
    I know the location of one of the worlds most famous lost items.
    The Sword of King Arthur

  20. Neil Leininger Says:

    Josh, i love destination truth. I think its, for starters, the most realistic reality show ive seen. On the show you even spend time with the locals and learn new things where ever you go. I was acually wanting to persue or try to persue a career in exploration and supernatural investigations ever since I was a kid and I was acually wondering if you had any tips or suggestions on how I can get started? And like I said, I am a huge fan of destination truth and I cant wait to see what comes next. Thanks.

    Neil Leininger

  21. Frank Baluka Says:

    Perhaps I missed this one?? Check out the UFO activity at Gillliland Ranch Mt. Adams Washington St. This one is special….Ps. Try using power lasers of diff. colors to message. Also there is something happening in the woods. Contact Mr. Gilliland. I would love to attend and watch this event…wow!!!!

  22. Jason Allen Says:

    Hey Josh,
    I LOVE YOUR SHOW, I live on a little island in Canada, Prince Edward Island, I watch your show nightly even if it is a rerun. I am wondering about the show you did in Chilli where you were in the underground caves and found the thing under the ground that looked like a chicken. Have you found out anything about it?

    Again I love the show.

    Jason Allen

  23. daniel Says:

    Attn : Josh, I enjoy watching show about fantasy & paranormal worlds;
    finding truth.But the women of your show seems to ruin show with thier fear,panic,dramatic, situation,etc, & physical.I know their expeience in their field.I know the location are live,& dangerous ,but seems false encounters.
    As well to much close up of individuals; instead of scenery.And I believe
    that don`t spend enough time resourcing,& concluding the facts.For example few hours, or couple of days:unstead 3-6 wks or months.
    Like your competetors,Lost Tapes, Is it real,Wierd & freaky, & Monsterquest.To much fonderling of camera.Thk you 4 time

  24. Zack D. Says:

    Hello, I watch this show everytime I get the chance to. I really want to be on the team. Thanks

    ~ Zack

  25. Matt Bokulic Says:

    Hi Josh and folks,

    I love your show. I am compelled to write because of an episode that you had done on elves in Iceland. I was struck by the fact that the forensic computer mock up you did of the elf looked very much like the “Dover Demon”. This creature was first sighted in the spring durring the mid 70’s in Millis and Dover Ma. At the time, I think it was called “The Creature”.

    Best of luck in your truth hunting endeavors,


    Matt Bokulic

  26. Jason Says:

    I think you should investigate Prince of Wales Island Alaska

  27. Colton Says:

    HEY Josh i love your show i think you should investigate tomb stone

  28. danny Says:

    hey Josh.. a tip: you should go to Uganda, they have night dancers( people who are thought to be possessed, they dance at night and if you encouter one, you should talk or you will get possessed too.) Another big story, known by the people in kampala city is a human with either a cow or goat feet. It is mostly comes in form of a female and it is called “omusalabwa”. it preys on rich men and i remember when i was young, we heard these stories plus i had an aunt who saw one at a night club.. any ways hope that helps.

  29. Beth Says:

    Hola Josh, I really enjoy Destination Truth and am really pissed that OLN has replaced DT with Monsterquest. It really sucks!! I am hoping OLN wises up and puts DT back on where it belongs..Awesome Show.

  30. sarah Says:

    hello, I was overlooking syfy. I know what training you have to practice this profession. For I am interraissais anything that touches the paranormal.Je give you my address so you can answer me. Thank you for your understanding.
    My address:
    PS I love what you made.

  31. dylan mcbride Says:

    hey josh i no you have alot of fanns and im a huge fan and dont get me rong im not obsesed with the show with like posters and all that crazy stuff in my room but i am a huge fan everytime an episode is on im watching it no matter wat time its on well anyways my point is i was woundering if i could some how be on your show i no its proboly a thin chance of me being able to but do you think there is any way i could pls pls pls email me back my email is thank you

  32. Dillon Johnson Says:

    I would very VERY much like to know how they make those 3D models of those creatures. I mean is there a special software or program that you need or somthing? And if so could you tell me what it is please.

  33. Jordan McCleary Says:

    Hey Josh
    My names Jordan and im a simple girl from Scotland and i LOVE your show. I have watched all of your episodes on youtube and LOVE them all.
    I wish i could have an exciting job like you, i think that looking for mythical creatures is amazing!
    When i can i am SO gonna travel the world.
    Also could you please please please come to Scotland PLEASSSE!
    You guys need to look fo the Loch Ness Monster…
    or go to England, Cornwall to look for The Beast of Bodman.
    It would mean the World to me 🙂
    Thank you

  34. Robert Says:

    where can I pic up an application !!!

  35. Glenn Henning Says:

    josh, i can’t believe some of the places you go like the wormwood place you should look into the brayroad beast in wisconsin this thing will chase you car some of the wittnesses say it looks like wolf walking on it’s hinde legs so let me know and we can get together for cold beer and cheese curds


  36. Nick Martens Says:

    Hey Josh just wondering if you ever get the chance you should look up the legend of the Himuro Mansion just outside of Tokyo, Japan. It looks like something that could be really interesting.

  37. Rob Says:

    Please check into livermore Pa. The film “night of the living dead”
    was filmed there , and from my past experiances there I would say
    that there is something going ,
    Thanks Rob

  38. LEAH Says:

    hey cool doll episode. they were FREAKY!!! A place or to where you can go is loch ness. to see if the loch ness monster is real. And i heard of an elusive creatue in Congo. its called the Mokele-mbembe.I dont know if there are stiil sightings of it but i hope you will look into it. oh and my name is leah im 12 yes 12.i love your show though so keep up the good work. plz email me.

  39. Timmy Says:

    Hey Josh i was wondering if you have a chance sometime to look into Catherine’s hill in blacks woods maine. You can lear more about it and other ghost stories from maine by reading the book ( Dark Woods Chill Waters) by Marcus LiBrizzi, it is the first story of the book, the stories are that she will walk along the road at night looking for a ride sometimes without a head, and it is said that if you don’t stop and offer her a ride then she will appear in you’re back seat. I would really recommend that you read the book and you look into Catherine’s Hill because I know it’s what you like. And the book might give you some more spots to check out if you where ever in the area. Thanks

  40. Dawn Corlee Says:

    I would Like to suggest that u visit new guinea. where jim jones the religous cult leader killed hundreds of people. women and chldren. there has to be something there.

  41. matt Says:

    Oh also..does anyone knmow what the pendant? is that Josh wears around his neck? I can’t find info on the Interwebz at this time. Also wants to thank Josh gates for not being afraid to rock the pseudo-ascot look 😀

    ^..^ Fox.

  42. Rob Says:

    Here is a link you can go to . here He talks about his necklace.

  43. Leiann Says:

    Hey josh I love your shows, but out of all of them which one has been the scarest one? And why do you only stay one why not 2 days or 3?

  44. Rob Says:

    Hey!! when you comming back on the air????

  45. Tyeasha Neal Says:

    What does Josh Gates say at the beginning of each show?? please help

  46. bucky red Says:

    hi there i watch your show all the time . i am from a rez in montana in browning montana and we have sightings of this thing we call the goat man it is some scary stuff the kind of thing that makes a man change hes hole life around when seen. but it is seen so much that its startng to scare the crap out of people. we need your help up here!……… heres my story.when i was about 7or8 me and some freinds were walking around when we came to this rail road we looked up and down it so we start to walk up it . it lead out of town we were kids and we for got about the time it start geting dark. but my freinds all stoped and got quiet they were all looking scared and told me to look i looked up and about ahundred yards down i seen a man coming up to the train track when he made it to the track i thought he had a white dog but it had no head and the man had no legs you can see hes eye shine when he was looking at us we were all frozen then it started walking down the ather side of the tracks all my freind were crying as they hald ass back tword town .now theres been more sighting of this thing pleses help us we do not know what to do. we tryed hunting it but it only comes out an night and is seen at defrint parts of town when seen

  47. Riley Says:

    JOSH YOU ARE SO AWSOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  48. April Says:

    I love the show. But, have you ever actually found anything (hard core proof pictures) of anything you were looking for?

  49. josh Says:

    they should d a story on the tunnels in sydney like that movie is basedor even backup the blair witch theory i mean we’ve all be told that they are based on fact but who truly knows

  50. Corinne Kramer Says:

    Hi all at Destination Truth! When are you guys coming back on the air? It’s July 22 2011 today. You all make such an ideal team. Is Ryder still with the show, you guys are so funny! 🙂 I Love the show, you all work so very hard. It’s truly appreciated. ♥

  51. Eydie Marie Moore Says:

    Hi Josh,
    My name is Eydie Marie Moore. I live in a little town called Dalzell, SC. I love to investigate things. I have traveled from Scotland to England, France ( I had my 16th birthday in Paris),Germany, Belgium, Holland, Austria, Italy and Ireland. I am an arist and I sketch/paint everything from animals to land/seascapes. Would you consider having a sketch artist with you?

  52. Eydie Marie Moore Says:

    Oh I meant artist.

  53. Katrina Says:

    What you guys do is everything I have always been interested in; The unexplained, being out in nature, learning about different cultures, and experiencing things I never thought I would get the chance to experience. I have a year and a half left in college where I’m studying to be a teacher. My question to you is if there is a possibility of joining you sometime on one of your adventures and experiencing what you experience?

  54. Katrina Says:

    Haha, I just realized how crazy I probably sound with my last post especially with the number of others who have posted asking you pretty much the same thing… But for me it is personally a learning experience. I have many stories that I do not plan to share, unless directly asked about them. I do not intend for this to show you otherwise on my pure interest in learning more. Again, my life has been dedicated to the unexplained, being out in nature, and to understanding other cultures in hopes to showing the connections we each share to one another. My passion is strictly based on learning and new experiences.

  55. stacey Says:

    hi and thank you for the coolest picuter that you send me and i will keep it would be nice to take a picutre with you. i made you a coolest video but where do i send it at?

  56. shawn henderosn Says:

    dear mr. Gates my name is shawn henderson and i dont know if you let people come on cases with you but i would really like to go on one with you


  57. click Says:

    A cool blog post right there mate . Cheers for it .

  58. steve Says:

    Hi Josh.
    been following the show from the start, and lets face it, its got better and better. Some of the investigations have been really spooky, and to a point can make you jump out of the chair.
    If i was just a few years younger i would be on the list to try and join you and the team. I have never really belived in the super/paranormal, but lets face it, some of your experiences are somewhat strange.
    Keep up the excellent work.

  59. cynthia cox Says:

    my name is cindy and iv been watching ur show alot and u sir are so very cute..i really love the shows on bigfoot.. i live in northern cal and very close to the where those two guys shot that video of the female bigfoot back in the 60s.. I do believe there is something out there… Do ever get um how do i put this scared? If i came even close to one i would die… lol.. Anyways im a big fan and love love love the show and thank you for your jokes cause you make a very sad girl laugh… Stay safe..

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