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This Week on Stargate Universe – 11 – 20 – 09

November 19, 2009

Camile (Ming-Na) has the opportunity to reconnect with her partner Sharon (Reiko Aylesworth) in "Life." Photo by Carole Segal and copyright of The Syfy Channel

SPOILER ALERT!! – Using the communication stones, Lt. Scott (Brian J. Smith) and Camile Wray (Ming-Na) use their time back on Earth to visit those they left behind. Camile returns home to spend time with her partner Sharon (Reiko Aylesworth), trying her best to make the strange circumstances normal. Meanwhile, Lt. Scott learns a past relationship might not have ended as he thought.

Aboard Destiny, Dr. Rush (Robert Carlyle) supervises the exploration of new areas of the ship. Looking for resources to make their everyday lives easier, the crew stumbles upon a piece of Ancients technology that carries the promise of a way home. While somewhat familiar with the find, Dr. Rush cannot guarantee the safety of using it, bringing him and Colonel Young (Louise Ferreira) to a standoff on what to do. Life airs Friday, November 20th @ 9 p.m. EST on The Syfy Channel.

Lt. Johannsen (Alaina Huffman) gets to know her fellow crewmates a bit better in "Life." Photo by Carole Segal and copyright of The Syfy Channel

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