Lost Farewell Party Hosted by Global Cash Card’s Michael Purcell

SUNDAY, May 23rd, 2010 will always be a bittersweet day for Lost aficionados, or “Losties,” as it marks the end of the long-running ABC series. Some lucky fans will have enjoyed the final 2 1/2 -hour episode at the Lost Finale Party at the Orpheum Theatre in downtown Los Angeles, hosted by Michael Purcell of Global Cash Card. In early May, after 1900 seats for the event were snapped up in less than 30 minutes, Purcell made 10 additional tickets available from his Global Cash Card private stash of VIP seats, which included a private autograph signing by Lost Emmy award-winning star Michael Emerson (Ben). Those interested in the seats had to provide the reason why they deserved them at Twitter.com. The ten best reasons, which needed to be communicated in 140 characters or less, were judged by the Global Cash Card staff and announced on Friday, May 14th.

A fan of the TV show himself, Purcell’s sponsorship of his fellow Lost aficionados, Jay and Jack of “The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack,” show turned into hosting a “How Will It End? Video Contest,” and the production of the soiree featuring Michael Emerson. Fans flew in from all over the U.S. and as far away as Australia to attend the event and view the final episode together at the historic theatre in downtown Los Angeles.

“What started out as a personal passion for the show, turned into us hosting a ‘How Will It End?’ video contest,” laughs Purcell. “Next thing I knew I was watching video submissions and shopping for a 1970 Volkswagen van to restore into a Dharma Van for the grand prize giveaway for the best video submitted. We put up a website and contacted Michael Emerson to join us. In between meetings with my clients and pay card bank partners, I’ve been hunting down the last Apollo bars we could find in the U.S. to provide to fans in a customized commemorative Lost ‘Party Pak.'”

The event was purely an outpouring of interest within the Lost fan community and not affiliated with ABC-TV or the producers of the show. It centered around a viewing of the last episode, but also featured a live version of “The Lost Podcast with Jay and Jack,” a cast Q & A session and those who submitted videos were gifted with specially created replicas of a 4-Toad statue as seen on the TV show. The Type 2 VW bus, complete with the two-tone Dharma blue and white, and a Dharma logo on the front, even features a classic 8-track tape player and a copy of the “Shambala” tape by Three Dog Night, exactly as seen on the program. And, as mentioned above, Purcell even created a commemorative Party Pak complete with a Dharma patch, Apollo bar, commemorative poster, Swan Station Fail-Safe Key replica and VIP “ahead of the line” pass.

For more information about Global Cash Card, please check out www.globalcashcard.com

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