This Week On Ashes To Ashes – 05 – 18 – 10

DCI Gene Hunt (Philip Glenister) and his beloved Quattro. Photo copyright of the BBC

SPOILER ALERT!! – The team is on the hunt for major vehicle thief Jed Wicklow, but when a car chase leads to his death, Gene (Philip Glenister) stands accused of causing it through reckless driving. Alex (Keeley Hawes) is adamant that there was something wrong with Jed at the wheel and wants to prove that the crash wasn’t Gene’s fault. The deceased Jed was a Romany gypsy, and hostilities run high on the camp as the Criminal Investigations Department (CID) heavy-handedly try to uncover the circumstances of his death. But in an investigation that’s already met with resistence, someone in the police force also appears to be standing in their way. Gene needs to get the result he wants without treading on the toes of his revered superior. Detective Inspector Mackintosh (Roger Allam), known to all is “Supermac.” But will Alex be able to trust that he’ll not take the easy option of a cover-up? As the divide grows between Gene and Alex, she gets another visit from the mysterious strangers whose presence could be the key to her finding her way home. Episode two airs Tuesday, May 18th @ 10:00 p.m. EST/PST.

The team is on the move! Photo copyright of the BBC

As noted above, all photos copyright of the BBC, so please no unauthorized copying or duplicating of any kind. Thanks!


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