This Week On Survivors – 04 – 06 – 10

SPOILER ALERT!! – Fifty-year-old East Londoner Billy Stringer (Roger Lloyd-Pack) is a trader and opportunist, traversing the desolate roads of Britain in his well-stocked container truck. He meets the group and hands over vital supplies. Surprised but grateful for Billy’s generosity, the group decides to stay overnight in a cottage close by to help Abby (Julie Graham) recover from her terrifying ordeal at the Lab. Later, at Samantha’s (Nikki Amuka-Bird) compound, Billy reveals details of the group’s location, before dumping his young, innocent passenger, Kevin (Al Weaver), at another mysterious compound. Samantha orders her gun-totting henchman Dexter (Anthony Flanagan) to arrest Tom (Max Beesley). She intends to reintroduce the judicial system, putting Tom on trial for the murder he committed previously against one of her people. With Tom captured and under arrest, Abby has no other option but to lead Greg (Paterson Joseph) and Anya (Zoe Tapper) in pursuit, taking on the role of Counsel for the Defense, while Greg and Anya become members of the jury. Tom’s brutal past is finally revealed for all to hear, and the group is confronted with the reality of the man it’s harbored. As the trial threatens to fall apart, a string of betrayals and double-crosses ensues. Episode nine airs Tuesday, April 6th @ 9:00 p.m. EST/PST on BBC America.

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