This Week On Survivors – 03 – 30 – 10

SPOILER ALERT!! – With Abby (Julie Graham) still missing, and Greg (Patterson Joseph) recovering from his injuries, the group is holed up in the city, scavenging for survival. While Naj (Chahak Patel) leaves graffiti messages across the crumbling landscape for Abby, Tom (Max Beesley) steals supplies from another group of survivors. The group learns that other people have been abducted in the same way as Abby, and the kidnappers bear the markings of PSJ, a pharmaceutical company with offices in the city. As Tom leads Al (Philip Rhys), Anya (Zoe Tapper) and Sarah (Robyn Addison) off on this trail, Greg and Naj find themselves confronted by the group Tom stole from. Meanwhile, in the lab, Abby is re-infected by Whittaker (Nicholas Gleaves), who will stop at nothing to find his miracle vaccine. Episode eight airs Tuesday, March 3oth @ 9:00 p.m. EST/PST on BBC America.


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