This Week On Survivors – 03 – 13 – 10

SPOILER ALERT!! – When a so-called spiritual leader called John (Kieran O’Brien) turns up at the survivors’ home with his group of followers, some in the house are suspicious of his motives. Charming and eloquent, John is a preacher with a unique perspective on the new world, but the family’s opinion of him is split. Some find comfort in his message, while others are deeply distrusting of his motives.

Linda (Claire Keelan), a woman in John’s group, is pregnant, and Abby (Julie Graham) allows her to stay until the baby is born. Anya (Zoe Tapper) fears that she will be forced to reveal the fact that she is a doctor if there are any problems with the birth. Worse than that, she picks up on some unusual remarks made by John, which make her concerned for the group’s safety.

Al (Philip Rhys) is much more positive about John’s group. He spots a pretty woman called Louise (Louise Dylan) and uses his charm to seduce her. He is feeling much more like his old self – until he realises that Louise isn’t as innocent as she seems. Meanwhile, Anya’s fears are realized when Linda experiences complications and John’s serene facade starts to crumble. As the situation reaches crisis point, Anya is forced to confront some harrowing truths about her own past, putting her relationship with Tom (Max Beesley) on a new footing. Abby and the others also realize that, through a misguided act of kindness, they have put themselves in terrible jeopardy. Episode five airs Saturday, March 13 @ 9:oo p.m. EST on BBC America.

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