This Week On Ghost Hunters International – 02 – 17 – 10

IN the season two finale of Ghost Hunters International, the team are Costa Rica bound as they arrive at the base of the still active Irazu Volcano to investigate an abandoned hospital which went on to become a sanatorium run by Dr. Carlos Duran. The Duran Sanatorium has had many purposes, first a hospital for tuberculosis and leprosy and later an insane asylum and even an orphange. Although the building has been abandoned since 1973 because of the eruption of Irazu, people have seen spirits of the past that many believe still persist to this day.

The GHI crew then heads to Kingston, Jamaica and try to shed light on the ghost of sugar plantation owner Annie Palmer. Her cruel and sadistic ways towards her slaves labeled her as the “White Witch Of Rose Hall.” With underground dungeons, torture chambers and a mansion of hell, Ms. Palmer was known to practice witchcraft and voodoo in the hopes of gaining additional power over her servants and increasing her riches. Rumor has it that she was responsible for the deaths of her three husbands and countless number of slaves. Visitors and tourists to Rose Hall have said that they have heard hurried footsteps, crying babies, disembodied voices and music from long ago. The Legend of Rose Hall airs Wednesday, February 17th @ 9:00 p.m. EST on The Syfy Channel.


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One Response to “This Week On Ghost Hunters International – 02 – 17 – 10”

  1. David Says:

    Carlos Duran was an expresident. The Sanatorium was named after him.

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