This Week On Survivors – 02 – 13 – 10

Abby (Julie Graham) and David (Shaun Dingwall) try to come to terms with the disaster unfolding around them. Photo copyright of the BBC

SPOILER ALERT!! – Abby Grant (Julie Graham) is a mother and housewife, married to David (Shaun Dingwall). The couple returns from vacation at the point where a virulent flu virus is beginning to sweep the world. Abby is worried about her 11-year-old son Peter, who recently recovered from leukemia and is on a school adventure holiday.  

Tom Price (Max Beesley) is escorted to his cell by a prison guard (Tim Dantay), neither of whom aware of how their lives are about to change. Photo copyright of the BBC

As the crisis deepens, Samantha Willis (Nikki Amuka-Bird), Junior Minister for Health, tries to keep public panic under control as essential services start to break down. Elsewhere, in a modern high-security prison, Tom Price (Max Beesley), a charismatic and dangerous inmate, is the only one who does not fall ill as the prison becomes a charnel house with prisoners dying one by one.  

Anya (Zoe Tapper, left) and Jenny (Freema Agyeman, right), struggle to save their friend, Patricia (Bryony Afferson, center). Photo copyright of the BBC

At a large inner-city hospital, services are at the breaking point. Jenny (Freema Agyeman), a bright and lively young teacher in a primary school, is overwhelmed by the chaos she sees all around her – but she is determined to save the life of her roommate, Patricia (Bryony Afferson).  

Dr. Anya Raczynski (Zoe Tapper), beautiful junior doctor in the Accident and Emergency department, finds she can’t save her best friend Patricia from the virus which is killing virtually everyone who contracts it. In contrast, Al Sadiq (Philip Rhys), a wealthy playboy, is determined not to let the virus stop him from having fun (at this point no one understands how deadly it is). But the following morning he finds the girl he met at a club the night before dead in his bed. In the aftermath of the virus, Al finds himself responsible for Najid (Chahak Patel), a young Muslim boy. Al has never seen himself as the paternal type and initially proves to be a disaster as a father figure.  

Greg Preston (Paterson Joseph) and Abby Grant. Photo copyright of the BBC

Greg Preston (Paterson Joseph), a former systems analyst, seems more prepared than most, his car is well-stocked and he seems calm in the face of the catastrophe. But when his car is involved in a collision with one of the survivors, Greg’s plans are temporarily derailed.  

Foraging for supplies - Greg, Abby, Najid (Chahak Patel) and Anya. Photo copyright of the BBC

Meanwhile, Tom manages to escape from prison. He returns home to retrieve a bag full of cash and a gun…With a dangerous prisoner on the loose, and other survivors who will hoard whatever spoils they can, the brave new world is a precarious place for a mismatched group of survivors, who must stand together or die. Survivors – Episode 1 airs Saturday, February 13th at the special time of 8:00 p.m. EST/PST on BBC America.  

As noted above, photos copyright of the BBC, so please no unauthorized copying or duplicating of any kind. Thanks!


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