The Syfy Channel’s Annihilation Earth – 12 – 12 – 09

Luke Goss stars as David Wyndham in "Annihilation Earth." Photo copyright of The Syfy Channel

WITH the world on the brink of both economic and ecological disaster, a brilliant physicist, David Wyndham (Luke Goss, Tekken, Hellboy II), must discern whether the destruction of a cutting-edge super collider facility was the work of terrorists or his own miscalculation. Under intense pressure from a U.N. diplomat (Marina Sirtis – Star Trek: The Next Generation), David leads a team of scientists into the radioactive wasteland once known as France, and soon begins to suspect that he’s the unwitting pawn in an international plot to reshape the political landscape of the globe. The real danger, however, now lies in the heart of the energy-producing super collider network itself. Unsure of who he can trust, even suspecting his own best friend and partner, Raja (Colin Salmon, Resident Evil), of conspiring against him, David must race against time to solve the mystery and stop the expanding Higgs boson field from not only destabilizing the planet, but tearing apart the very fabric of space and time. Annihilation Earth airs Saturday, December 12th @ 9:00 p.m. on The Syfy Channel

Dr. Wyndham and his team try to unravel an international mystery that is becoming murkier and murkier. Photo copyright of The Syfy Channel

As noted above, all photos copyright of The Syfy Channel, so please no unauthorized copying or duplicating of any kind. Thanks!


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