Jonas Armstrong Talks About Robin Hood

Jonas Armstrong as the legendary Robin Hood. Photo copyright of Tiger Aspect

In the last of a series of three BBC America Q & A’s with the cast of Robin Hood, the show’s leading man, Jonas Armstrong, takes a few minutes out from stealing from the rich and giving to the poor to answer a few questions. Enjoy! 

How has Robin changed since the death of Marian? 

Jonas Armstrong – Although Robin is totally devastated losing his wife, it takes him in a new direction for fans. I’ve always tried to find the darker aspects of the character because the good sides are clearly there for all to see. But now that Robin has lost Marian, the heartbeat of his life, I’ve been able to darken and deepen him. The beginning of season three is explosive – it’s really strong. Robin has just gone mad because he’s obsessed with revenge. He must kill Gisborne (Richard Armitage) whatever the cost to himself and others. So he doesn’t care about his men and being the champion of the people. All that is gone. 

What are your feelings about Kate becoming a love interest for Robin? 

JA – There is potential, but you’ll just have to wait and see! Kate (Joanne Froggatt) has her own quest. She’s like a mini-vigilante all by herself – her family have suffered a terrible loss at the hands of Gisborne. Robin and the gang have to calm her down, otherwise she’ll be killed, too. Eventually she joins the lads and become indispensible to them. Joanne’s performance as Kate is fantastic. 

What are your thoughts about this series being your last? 

JA – I wouldn’t swap the experience for anything. I feel immensely lucky to have played Robin Hood for three years and I’ve had the time of my life in the role. But the show has to keep changing and evolving – we’ve done about 30 hours now of Robin Hood, so it needs to go in different directions. It’s the greatest experience I’ve had in my career so far, but you can’t do one thing for too long. It’s a brilliant finale to the three years. We all got quite emotional watching it and were trying to hold the tears back. We’ve been racing around those forests for three seasons and we’ve been through a lot together and become true comrades at arms. 

As noted above, photo is copyright of Tiger Aspect Productions, so please no unauthorized copying or duplicating of any kind. Thanks!


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