Sneak Peek At This Week’s Ghost Hunters – 08 – 26 – 09

Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes, TV's Ghost Hunters. Photo copyright of The Syfy Channel

Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes, TV's Ghost Hunters. Photo copyright of The Syfy Channel

TUNE IN ALERT!! – In I Am Not Guilty, a Civil-War themed episode, the Ghost Hunters visit the historic Samuel Mudd House in Waldorf, Maryland, famous for being a pit stop for John Wilkes Booth on his escape route following the assassination of Abraham Lincoln. Samuel Mudd met John Wilkes Booth six months before the assassination and let Booth stay in his home after tending to Booth’s broken leg following the assassination. Mudd’s involvement in the plot remains unclear, but he was found guilt of conspiracy and spent the rest of his life in prison. Now, several apparitions allegedly haunt the house (now operating as a museum), including a soldier and a woman in a white dress believed to be Samuel Mudd’s wife, Sarah.

Then, the team heads to Charles City, Virginia to visit the Edgewood Plantation, part of the ancestral home of U.S. Presidents William Henry and Benjamin Harrison, and site for the Confederate army during the Civil War. Today, it is officially a national- and state-regulated landmark as well as a hotbed of paranormal activity, including full-bodied apparitions.

Tune in as Jason, Grant and the rest of the team collect some of their most compelling thermal camera footage and electronic voice phenomena yet!

To get a sneak peak at this episode, check out the following link:

As noted above, photo copyright of The Syfy Channel, so please no unauthorized copying or duplicating of any form. Thanks!


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