Ghost Hunters International Returns To The Sci Fi Channel

The Ghost Hunters International team (clockwise l-r) - Robb Demarest, Brandy Green, Barry FitzGerald, Joe Chin and Dustin Pari. Photo by Barbara Nitke and copyright of the Sci Fi Channel

The Ghost Hunters International team (clockwise from l to r) - Robb Demarest, Brandy Green, Barry FitzGerald, Joe Chin and Dustin Pari. Photo by Barbara Nitke and copyright of the Sci Fi Channel

THE Sci Fi Channel comtinues the summer with its ratings driver hit reality series Ghost Hunters International (GHI) wih the premiere of season two on Wednesday, July 8th @ 9 p.m. EST/PST. The first episode of the hour-long series ventures deep into the countryside of Wicklow, Ireland for an investigation of an old 18th century prison. As these “real life” ghost hunters try to uncover truth or fiction, they’ll face their closest supernatural encounter yet! The new six-part episode season will have the team trekking around the globe with upcoming haunted haunts in countries include Chile, Ireland, the Czech Republic, Austria, Italy and Argentina.

Like their U.S. counterparts, TAPS (The Atlantis Paranormal Society), GHI is a squad made up of everyday ordinary citizens who investigate and attempt to debunk claims of otherwordly activity. The new team of skeptical paranormal investigators includes four returning members and two new colleagues. They are:

Robb Demarest A native of Albany, New York, Robb joined the Ghost Hunters International team after three years with Florida Ghost Team, an affiliate of TAPS (founded by Ghost Hunters‘ Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson). Robb’s responsibilities on the team have ranged from research, technology management and client relations, to his current position as assistant director. As the lead investigator of the Ghost Hunters International team, Robb hopes to push the boundaries of current knowledge in the field and approach these enigmas with the open-minded skepticism for which his TAPS counterparts are known.

Dustin Pari – Cranston, Rhode Island native Dustin Pari is a familiar face to regular viewers of the Ghost Hunters franchise. Long harboring an interest in the paranormal, he began his career in his teen years investigating local hot-spots in Rhode Island. He was later invited to join TAPS by Jason Hawes and Grant Wilson, and began appearing regularly on Ghost Hunters as an investigator. TAPS’ trip to Ireland in 2006 was a turning point for Dustin – during the investigation of Leap Castle, he had the most intense paranormal experience of his life when he was attacked by an unseen force in the tunnels beneath the castle. The Leap Castle investigation was his first outside of the United States and it would not be his last. Since joining the GHI team, Dustin’s role has been one of both investigator and historical researcher, uncovering the truth behind centuries-old myths and legends.

Barry FitzGerald – A veteran ghost hunter with 17 years of experience in paranormal investigating, Barry is memorable to Ghost Hunters fans for his work on TAPS’ investigations in Europe during the show’s third season. Now, as a member of the new GHI team, Barry supplies his expertise in both ghost hunting as well as his knowledge of the historical locations of each new investigation. Haunted by supernatural events he experienced as a child growing up in Ireland, Barry developed an interest in paranormal research and went on to work for two different paranormal groups based in Northern Ireland. He now dedicates much of his time to the development of new investigative techniques and research methods.

Brandy Green A native of Farmington, Minnesota, it was Brandy’s childhood experiences with the paranormal that led her to spend much of her life exploring the possibilities of life after death. Brandy’s first ghost hunting endeavor began when she founded her own paranormal investigation group in the Twin Cities. Now she begins her latest feat as the Case Manager of the GHI team. After studying the psychology of death and dying, Brandy began to expand her understanding of the psychological, social and historical aspects of loss and the afterlife. She has worked to apply that knowledge towards clients and cases that her home team has worked on, as well as those that she encounters with GHI.

Joe Chin A native of North Providence, Rhode Island, Joe’s interests in the paranormal dates back to his teenage years. Growing up, he remembers that the third floor of his apartment house was always lively with instances of unexplained paranormal activity. And although he experienced the supernatural as a youngster, he had no idea that people looked for the paranormal until he met Jason Hawes. Months after meeting Jason, he was asked to join the group and several cases later he is still a part of the thriving team. Since joining the team, Joe has cultivated what he refers to as a “skeptical curious side” that spurs him to want to get to the bottom of things. He also relates this innate curiosity to being a computer technician, a trade he delves into in his spare time. When working with computers, he always has to figure out what the problem is and how to resolve it as quickly as possible – similar to the work that he and the other ghost hunters do.

Ashley Godwin A native of Winter Haven, Florida, Ashley is driven by the logical, the methodical and the scientific. Her recent years have been spent studying atmospheric science and experimental psychology. She is also a member of Robb Demarest’s local paranormal group, Florida Ghost Team (FGT). After proving to be a fearless and thorough investigator, Robb asked her to join the GHI team. Having never left the country before, Ashley thought the show would offer her an amazing chance to travel the world and explore the unknown. Though Ashley is the youngest in GHI, her expertise and insight into her field have proven to be of endless value.


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11 Responses to “Ghost Hunters International Returns To The Sci Fi Channel”

  1. MIMI Says:

    why does the International team keep changing?

  2. mabel pomares Says:

    I am so glad the show is starting again i love it I can’t wait till wednesday

  3. qbjr Says:

    What happened to Andy Andrews? How come he is no longer on the show?

  4. matthew chatman Says:

    hi my name is matthew chatman im 21 i live in sprinfiled missouri and i have done two years of ghost research and local filed work and i am wanting to join your staff/team so please get back with me i am not in to this fild for fame or to be on tv but if i am i am well thx for your time you may contact me and one agin thx and keep up the great work.

  5. matthew chatman Says:

    hope to hear from yall soon thx

  6. renee wade Says:

    hi guy’s, been watching and seen that you are coming to australia… thats perfect. there is a place here in NSW in a town called Junee. it was once published in our leading newspapers as being the most haunted place in aust. there was also a website that published it open to public to be allowed to stay in, but has been removed.
    it is a huge old mansion on a homestead. there have been several reports of people experiencing a baby crying in the 5th room every night, as you guys would call a residual haunting.
    there have been aparitions and even dark experiences. as i read there was a family with children and a nanny who had appanrenty killed the children, and a mother who had commited suicide after her children were killed.
    as i said it is the most popular place in australia for hauntings and it may be worth looking up.

    shame you guys cant explian many other things that happen in this country, australia is a high spirtual country. our aboriginies still believe that the spirits can communicate and even punish those who do wrong. (the gadashi man.)
    we even have these large orbs of white light that appear regularly along horizons at night in the western regions of most states. we call them min min lights.
    well anyway i hope you get to read this. big fan renee

  7. crystal Says:

    hey guys im from sydney australia i was wondering when u will be comming to sydney australia there are lot of suposed haunted places here in sydney in parramatta there is one its an old orphange…. and one in long bay an old mental hospital omg theres heaps u guys should so come down under anyways love ur show keep up the good work

  8. danial hassan Says:

    please watch video(Woh Kiya Hai ? —Shamshan Ghaat,Hyderabad— Part I)at youtube its really amazing special for GHI ghost hunters and your program is great and place shown in this video is in pakistan
    must watch

  9. Susan Adams Says:

    Way back in the 70’s and 80’s I was very into paranormal phenomena-from meditation to astral projection (yes it was very trendy) etc. But my interests really began as a child with my obsession about dreams-and I use to put myself to sleep by blacking out the light that came through my windows using a form of concentration. And started to control my dreams in my twenties. As I got into my 50’s I started to lose close family members and my spirituality along with them. You and your program have turned me around 180 degrees. The fact that you go into your investigations trying to debunk, as you say, initially until you can no longer do that and seem to come up with some pretty fascinating stuff is the best sh*t ! I had some dream experiences where I believe I have communicated with people who died-and some dreams where I see them but I know it’s only my dream.I gave up on all these experiences I had and now I want to get back into so many things that I gave up on that I unfortunately replaced with negative ones. Thank you so much for giving me so much to think about and delve back into. Not only are you giving the paranormal more validity you are also showing people that there are so many charlatans out there and it doesn’t have to be like that. And the cherry on the top is that you all seem like really down to earth good souls-and in this time in the U.S.A that is truly a rare thing. Thanks again Susan

  10. Ness Says:

    Hi, Does anyone know when Ghost Hunters Internation is coming back to the Sci-fi channel (australia) for this year 2010. I havent seen it advertised and am looking forward to the next season.

  11. Headboard Light · Says:

    sci-fi is the best, i always watch science fiction movies and read science fiction novels *

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