Making It So!

Hello! If you’re reading this I’m guessing you’re a Sci-Fi fan, TV fan, family member, friend, interested bystander or some combination. Whatever the case, welcome! I’ve been planning this blog for about a month and have finally “taken the plunge,” so to speak. Having written for most of my life and spent the past 12 years working full-time as a free-lance journalist, I’m looking forward to using this blog as yet another venue to pass on news tidbits (mostly TV Sci-Fi related but occasionally film news as well) to its readers along with feature interviews with actors, actresses and behind-the-scenes talent (again, mostly Sci-Fi related, but when possible I’ll also feature more mainstream TV interviewees). Hopefully my news and interviews will be of interest to some if not, on occasion, all of you who are taking the time to check in. Again, I’m new at this so let me know how I’m doing. If you have any interview requests let me know that, too. I can’t promise I can bring you an interview with that person, but if it’s possible for me to do so, I’ll definitely give it a shot. Some of the initial interviews I’ll be posting will be with members of the cast and/or crew from such TV shows as Stargate Atlantis, Medium, Heroes, Sanctuary, Battlestar Galactica and CSI: Miami (told you there would be a bit of mainstream coverage). In the future I hope to feature the occasional Q & A with some of your Sci-Fi and TV favorites.

NEWS: This week saw the passing of actor Andy Hallett, best known for his portrayal of the green-skinned, red-horned, karaoke-singing good-guy demon Lorne on Angel. I had the pleasure of interviewing Andy a few years back when he was still appearing in Angel and I found him to be an engaging, witty, self-deprecating and down-to-earth human being. He shall be missed.

LIGHTS, CAMERA, ACTION!: Stargate Universe continues to shoot its inaugural season in Vancouver, British Columbia, while Sanctuary has just begun production on its second season, and Smallville will soon wrap filming of its eighth season. Also shooting in Vancouver are pilots for V (a remake of the 1983 miniseries/1984/85 TV series)  and The Vampire Diaries. Work also continues on a new Sci-Fi series called Defying Gravity which stars Ron Livingston (Band of Brothers), Laura Harris (Dead Like Me) and Christina Cox (Blood Ties) whose characters are part of an 8-member team of astronauts involved in a six-year international space mission where all is not as it seems.

BBC AMERICA: Fans of Captain Jack Harkness and the Torchwood crew can look forward to seeing a brand-new, action-packed, five-night epic tale entitled Torchwood: Children of Earth later this year on BBC America. I had the chance to visit Cardiff, Wales (where Torchwood and Doctor Who are shot) last October and, in addition to taking in the city sites, enjoyed seeing many familiar Torchwood (and Who) locales, including a large collection of charred debris that is prominently featured in Children of Earth. Besides Torchwood, BBC America viewers can look forward to seeing later this year a new season of Primeval along with premieres of Being Human and Survivors. Being Human follows the lives of three twentysomethings and their alter egos – a werewolf, a vampire and a ghost – while Survivors, a remake of the 1970s BBC series, is the apocalyptic tale of our world after a virus wipes out 99% of the human race. PROGRAM NOTE: If you haven’t caught the Life on Mars sequel Ashes to Ashes, make sure to tune in to the Ashes to Ashes Totally ’80s Sunday on April 5th, 2009 starting at 3pm. ET/PT.

THE SCI FI CHANNEL (soon to be Syfy): Production continues in Toronto, Ontario, Canada on Warehouse 13, which focuses on two U.S. Secret Service agents reassigned to a massive, top-secret storage facility in South Dakota called Warehouse 13 that is home to a variety of strange objects paranormal or extraterrestrial in nature. The series stars Eddie McClintock (Bones), Joanna Kelly (The Dresden Files) and Saul Rubinek (Blind Justice) and is scheduled for a July 2009 debut. Sci Fi also recently announced its collaboration once again with RHI Entertainment on three new 4-hour TV movie events, Alice, The Phantom and Riverworld, the latter of which has just begun filming in Vancouver, B.C.

Steve Eramo


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7 Responses to “Making It So!”

  1. sylvia Says:

    This is awesome!! Looking forward to some great blog posts.
    YES!! to all of the topics you mentioned…and more.

  2. Rachel Haley Says:

    Woo Hoo! Great job Steve!!! Looking forward to reading more. How about an interview with Adam Baldwin?

  3. Stephy_k Says:

    Hey Steve !
    Great idea and great job ! I’m looking forward to reading all you feel like writing and more ;o) !

  4. Louise Says:

    I shall be following your blog posts with great interest and you are off to a wonderful start. Looking forward to the promised interviews and will put on my thinking cap for suggestions for interviewees. Rachel’s suggestion of Adam Baldwin is a good start!

  5. Luisa Says:

    Excellent work Steve! Looking forward to seeing and reading much more. Sock it to ’em and keep up the good work!! 🙂

  6. yvonne Says:

    Off to a good start with that interview with Mr F. I look forward to many more tidbits and interviews to come. Interview suggestions? Joel Gretsch. Esai Morales and/or anyone from ‘Jericho’.

    Ps. I’m Louise’s friend from the UK. Known her sister Anna for years too!

  7. Bootsie's BFF Says:

    Best of luck with this, and I’ll be watching……….

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